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We created this section to answer the common questions that our customers or visitors may have about our event.


Returning Vendors

Thank you for choosing us as your hosting platform. We are thrilled to have you back for the second or third time and appreciate your continued support.

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Get ready to dance with our exclusive DJ, DJ Don Q! With his amazing music selection, your event is sure to be a hit. Don't miss out on the party of the year!



We are thrilled to unveil the return of our annual event, promising to be grander than ever. Anticipating an attendance of over 1000 guests, we are poised to deliver an unforgettable experience for all participants. Come and be a part of an evening filled with enjoyment, entertainment, and moments that will be cherished forever. Seize this remarkable opportunity!

  • How many food vendors will be present?
    Each year it varies from 4-6 food vendors along with dessert and drink vendors.
  • Are tickets transferable?
    Yes, we do not require the individual that purchase to be present.
  • Is there an cost for parking at Eastern Market?
    Parking is complimentary to all guest. Here is a map
  • How often does your company host events?
    We host one to two events per year to accommodate our audience!
  • How much are exhibitor booths and how easy is it to register?
    Our exhibitor booths pricing varies starting from $85 and up. Registration is amazing simple! Step 1: Choose your package (Registration Page) Step 2: Answer registration questionnaire Step 3: Purchase Step 4: You will receive an email Step 5: Welcome email and instructions Step 6: Floor-plan and setup details one to two weeks prior to event.
  • What does the venue look like?
  • How many vendors do you have with similar products?
    When we host yearly we monitor our vendors during registration! We honor up to 3 vendors with the same categorized products such as candles, jewelry, etc. Other vendors such as Paparazzi and Scentsy we ONLY allow one per event.
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